February 10, 2018

We are devastated. We went in for our 8 week OB appointment and found out that we lost one of the twins. I feel so so alone.  I am so extremely sad, but also glad that our other little one is doing OK for now.  

During our OB visit, she grabbed the hand-held sonogram machine to try to get a look at the babies without having to go in vaginally.  Right away we could see one baby clearly. We could even see the heartbeat.  She was having trouble finding the other baby in the sac.  She kept saying it's hard to even see anything at all with this type of machine so early.  She decided to send me over to have a vaginal ultrasound to check on things. 

In my heart I knew.  I knew that we had lost one. Why would we be able to see one so clearly and not the other? 

I laid down and the sonographer started.  I could see both sacs, but one baby seemed very tiny compared to the other. I was hop...

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