November 11, 2017

After being on Lupron for the past month, my RE started me on my new FET protocol right away. I would not have to wait for my period to come and to take birth control this time.  This time we went right into putting the 3 Estrogen patches on (switching out every other day) PLUS the 3 vaginal Estradiol tabs every day. 

I am jacked up on Estrogen. Going from no hormones to TONS OF HORMONES was.....interesting. I felt heightened like I'm on edge all of the time. I get really riled up for no reason. I'm also super hungry and bloated. Nothing new for me! I think I need to get those pregnancy belly bands or something. My pants fit fine before work, and a couple hours later they start getting tighter and tighter. It's so uncomfortable. 

I've been waking up at 4am to take my first dose of the vaginal Estradiol pill, because I found I need to lay for a long time in order for it to all not leak out on me. It's b...

October 7, 2017

After having to cancel 3 FET transfers, my doctor thought it would be best to try a 1 month round of Lupron. Every time I started the vaginal Estradiol estrogen pills, plus 3 patches of estrogen every other day, I would get my raging period within 2 weeks.  My uterine lining would not thicken and I would start bleeding intensely.  We decided I would not be able to continue with this protocol. After an internal sonogram, my doctor was seeing a small growth on the outside of my uterus. She is worried it is yet another fibroid getting in the way. Fuuuuck.

Look, waiting a month or two or three is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but damn, I've waited a really really really long time to have a baby. Also, I am just so fucking exhausted.  All The Time.  Why did my lining grow so beautifully for my first FET transfer with only the vaginal estrogen pills?  Well, I can't control what's happening, s...

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