December 30, 2017

I was so nervous when I arrived at my clinic.  I had to leave my place at 6am to get there by 7am. I ate a PopTart and took 3 Advil to prepare for the scratch. From all that I've read, I heard that it would hurt. My RE warned me that it will be painful, but quick. Boy, was she right!

First, the ultrasound tech did an internal sonogram to check my lining to make sure it was thin after my period. Everything looked good, so the nurse came in to perform the endometrial scratch. She told me that it would be quick but painful.  I was ready. 

She started talking about the success rates of embryos implanting after this procedure. I was asked if they could donate my sample to the hospital for research on women with endometriosis. The only way to diagnose endometriosis officially is by having a Laparoscopic surgery. I had to have a Laparoscopic Myomectomy to remove fibroids, and this is when they discovered the...

October 28, 2017

* To find out why I had to have the Lupron shot and how I felt on the first day of the shot, click here.

* To see how I felt on my first week on Lupron, click here.

* To see how I felt on my second week on Lupron, click here.

Wow, I can't believe I've already made it to the 3rd week!  When starting this whole thing I was worried that blogging and sharing my side effects every day would make the days drag on. I was worried I would constantly think about it. Anyways, below is how I felt during Week 3 of the Lupron shot. Hopefully this helps some of you. :)

Here is how I feel on Day 15:

1.) I feel great!

2.) I have dry mouth.

3.) I have some irritation down in my V. 

4.) I'm super hot and sweaty. Today I had to take my pants off with my mom and sister here because I had an intense hot flash. My butt was all wet and I was sweating like crazy! I had to put my frozen water bottle between my legs and sprawl out. It wa...

August 5, 2017

Warning: My recovery was NOT pretty.

After the egg collection, I was woozy for a bit and I was ready to get home. I got dressed and the nurse wheeled me down to the car. I was told to drink TONS of Gatorade and to eat a lot of protein and salt. They said I shouldn't only drink water because I needed a lot of electrolytes. I thought that sounded so weird. First of all, I HATE GATORADE. I MEAN I HATE IT. I never ever ever ever want to even look at it ever again. I hated it before this whole ordeal, and I have a strong anger towards it after. 

I was starving after the collection, so we went and got chicken and french fries to bring home. 

My husband is the BEST. He had set up our guest bedroom for my recovery room. It was so calming with the twinkle lights up.  He brought me everything I could need within reaching distance. All charging cords, saltines, Gatorade grrrrr, my phone and my iPad. I ate my food...

July 22, 2017

Well, here we go! I'm about to dive into our IVF journey. 

My Reproductive Endocrinologist is awesome.  Before we started IVF, she thoroughly explained everything about what was going to happen with us. She even showed us an in-depth Powerpoint presentation. I need visuals and I felt better about the whole process. 

The office visit:

We sat in a doctor's office room with tons of IVF literature and boxes filled with dummy shots for demonstrations.  I was handed a folder and my RE and her nurse went over my IVF Protocol with me. (I will not go into specifics, as your protocols are made specially for you).  

The folder was filled with the medication names, exact dates, and times of day that I should give myself (or for my husband to give me) these shots in the stomach, making sure to switch sides each time. I immediately felt overwhelmed after talking about needles and shots. I...

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