July 22, 2017

Well, here we go! I'm about to dive into our IVF journey. 

My Reproductive Endocrinologist is awesome.  Before we started IVF, she thoroughly explained everything about what was going to happen with us. She even showed us an in-depth Powerpoint presentation. I need visuals and I felt better about the whole process. 

The office visit:

We sat in a doctor's office room with tons of IVF literature and boxes filled with dummy shots for demonstrations.  I was handed a folder and my RE and her nurse went over my IVF Protocol with me. (I will not go into specifics, as your protocols are made specially for you).  

The folder was filled with the medication names, exact dates, and times of day that I should give myself (or for my husband to give me) these shots in the stomach, making sure to switch sides each time. I immediately felt overwhelmed after talking about needles and shots. I...

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