March 13, 2019

*I'm writing this 8 months after my daughter was born.

Postpartum Depression.  It happened. Is this a nightmare? How could this be? I've waited for over 10 years for my sweet baby! 

I had this MENTAL MISFIRE.  I couldn't function. Everything was a blur. I cried and cried for no reason. Here I was, FINALLY I had my dream baby, but I also just could not get myself together. I knew when my husband asked if I was OK one day, that I wasn't. 

We had our 6 week followup with my OB. I had to fill out one of those questionnaire forms where you circle how you are really feeling. I was scared. I thought I would be judged. 

My OB was AMAZING. She gave us a scenario of what it was like for the husband and new momma and we just had to laugh because she was SPOT ON. Like she had watched our exact moments the day before. 

In the moment, I didn't know why I was so upset all of the time. Looking back, HELLO!


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