September 16, 2017

A couple of weeks after my miscarriage, my RE wanted to have an MRI done on my uterus. I had a really heavy period the month after, and she wanted to see if there was another cause for the miscarriage. The MRI was really strange. I didn't feel claustrophobic like I thought I would, but the machine was SO LOUD and I was cold.  When they had to inject the dye in, I could taste it in my mouth and it was terrible!  

After about a week, my RE called and gave me the news that I had two large fibroids that were pushing into my uterus from the outside. She thinks this was the cause of my miscarriage and heavy bleeding after. I was told that a lot of women have fibroids and are fine during pregnancy, but it was the location of these that she was concerned with. The plan was to have surgery to remove the fibroids in a couple of months after being on birth control. 

My body was NOT HAPPY waiting for sur...

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