Lupron Side Effects: Week 3

October 28, 2017

* To find out why I had to have the Lupron shot and how I felt on the first day of the shot, click here.

* To see how I felt on my first week on Lupron, click here.


* To see how I felt on my second week on Lupron, click here.


Wow, I can't believe I've already made it to the 3rd week!  When starting this whole thing I was worried that blogging and sharing my side effects every day would make the days drag on. I was worried I would constantly think about it. Anyways, below is how I felt during Week 3 of the Lupron shot. Hopefully this helps some of you. :)


Here is how I feel on Day 15:


1.) I feel great!


2.) I have dry mouth.


3.) I have some irritation down in my V. 


4.) I'm super hot and sweaty. Today I had to take my pants off with my mom and sister here because I had an intense hot flash. My butt was all wet and I was sweating like crazy! I had to put my frozen water bottle between my legs and sprawl out. It was a lovely sight! It's OK, it passed quickly. 


5.) I was able to go swimming today without worrying about my horrendous period! Wow, it was such a great feeling to just be able to go without thinking about it!


Here is how I feel on Day 16:


1.) I feel great!


2.) I am pretty emotional, but that's probably because my family left today. I hate living so far away.  :(


3.) I have dry mouth.


4.) I am really tired. 


5.) I have some stingy irritation down in my parts. 


Here is how I feel on Day 17:


1.) I feel well-rested and great!


2.) I have dry mouth.


3.) The irritation down in my lady bits seems to be subsiding. 


4.) I am really tired. 


5.) Mild cramping but just for a little bit.


Here is how I feel on Day 18:


1.) I woke up with irritation again down below. 


2.) I'm super hungry today.


3.) I'm very bloated.


4.) I'm achey.


5.) I'm tired. 


6.) I think I'm a little cranky. 


Here is how I feel on Day 19:


1.) I feel awesome!  


2.) I'm very hungry.


3.) The irritation down below is not so bothersome today!


4.) I woke up and had no idea where my wedding ring went!  Is this the brain fog??? I checked the bed a thousand times, I checked the bathroom, living room, everywhere! I thought I lost my mind! What if I ate it?! What if I flushed it down the toilet in my sleep or something? Then I decided to change the sheets and found it at the bottom of the bed! HOLY CRAP! 


Here is how I feel on Day 20:


1.) I feel awesome!


2.) I'm super hungry.


3.) My V feels irritated again.


4.) I did have some restless sleep last night. I usually do not sleep through the night anyways, so this wasn't a big deal for me. I have been enjoying my deep and restful sleeps for most nights so far!


Here is how I feel on Day 21:


1.) Feeling great!


2.) I'm super bloated.


3.) I'm super gassy!


4.) I have some mild cramping. 


Wow, I can't believe I'm at the end of week 3!  I really was scared for week 3, because I've heard other women say that they were OK for the first couple of weeks but then felt really bad the last two weeks. Hopefully my last week goes just as smoothly! 


I will have to call my RE to see when I should come in for another check. I hope that we can try to start back up with our FET soon! 


I'll see you in week 4!








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