Lupron Side Effects: Week 4

November 4, 2017

* To find out why I had to have the Lupron shot and how I felt on the first day of the shot, click here.


* To see how I felt on my first week on Lupron, click here.


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OK, so hopefully this is my last week on Lupron! So far, the side effects really haven't been a big deal for me! I hope my last week goes smoothly!


Here is how I feel on Day 22:


1.) I feel great!


2.) I'm pretty tired.


3.) I am super gassy again.


4.) I have a similar stomach ache like I had in the first week on Lupron. 


Here is how I feel on Day 23:


*After writing #1-6 below, this is what went down a few hours later: Holy crap I think I just experienced my first raging mood swing!  Good thing my husband was out on a bike ride! I warned him when he got home that I was feeling super pissy.

Here's what happened: I was making dinner and I found myself getting angry about it taking so long. I also kept thinking about the fact I had to clean up everything. I then tried to make steak the way my amazing chef husband makes it and it turned out awful! I started to angrily cry. It was like I was playing tug of war with my own mind. I was so pissed. I don't know if this is the Lupron itself, or if it's my hormones knocking on the door wanting to come back, or both. I still feel super pissy at the moment for no reason. I need to find something to calm my inner-bitch! Cripes! (My heightened anger lasted for a good hour or so. I just had to watch TV and stop thinking.)


1.) I feel great!


2.) My appetite is low.


3.) I had to wear my SPANX because I'm soooo bloated! So uncomfortable. Some days my pants fit perfect, others my bloat spills over and I can't even button them! UGH!!!


4.) I'm super gassy.


5.) I have some slight burning when urinating. I should probably get that checked out.


6.) I'm feeling nervous. I contacted my RE to see when I should come in for a re-check. Waiting to hear back. 


Here is how I feel on Day 24:


1.) I feel great!


2.) I'm bloated.


3.) I'm super hungry.


4.) I felt my anxiety levels quickly rise in the evening. It was for a short time. 


5.) I've been feeling some twinges in my uterus. I think my hormones are pissed! They want to feed my evil fibroids and endometriosis again. 


Here is how I feel on Day 25:


1.) I feel great!


2.) I'm super bloated.


3.) I'm super gassy!


4.) I'm super hungry.


5.) I've been getting small stomach aches throughout the day.


6.) I've been feeling some slight twinges in my uterus again. 


7.) I'm stressed and have some anxiety. I go in for a check tomorrow to see if I need to have another Lupron shot or if I can go ahead and start with my FET protocol. Here's the thing: If I can go through with the FET protocol, my transfer date would be the first Friday my first week that I'm back at school with the kids! I am going to have to call in sick! I feel super guilty, but I need to do what's best for us. 


Here is how I feel on Day 26: 


1.) I feel good.


2.) I'm super bloated.


3.) I'm super gassy


4.) I'm super hungry.


5.) I went to my RE for an internal sonogram to see if I'm ready for my next FET. Everything went well and I'll be starting my protocol on Sunday! I was so sick to my stomach with worry. I am so ready to get going again. 


Here is how I feel on Day 27:


1.) I feel good.


2.) I'm super bloated.


3.) I'm super hungry.


4.) I am feeling "periody" like I might start it at any moment.


5.) I am feeling relieved that I am able to start with my FET protocol tomorrow!




Well, that was it! 


I feel like my hormones have started back up. I just feel different. 


I made it through my 4 week life on the Lupron shot! I really don't think it was as bad as I had imagined. I was so worried I'd be anxiety ridden and in major bitch mode the whole time. I really only had a few of those moments, but nothing worse that I've felt on any other protocols I've been on. Really the worst part for me was in week #1. Just getting through the headaches and stomach aches. Looking back it really wasn't a huge deal. The hot flashes were intense when they came on, but it also was insanely hot where I live anyways, so I may as well have been hot then. 


How was your experience on Lupron?











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